About J2k Appliances Based In Burton On Trent

J2k Appliances based in Burton on Trent is the best choice to purchase new or reconditioned appliances which suits all budgets.

We sell all types of appliances from washing machines to cookers, tumble dryers to dishwashers. You will not find anywhere in the area cheaper who can offer delivery, installation, recycling and warranty. All within a 15 mile radius of our location.

We offer the biggest variety of makes, models and colours of appliances, which are all repaired tested and serviced all on site at our location by fully qualified engineers with over 25 years experience in the trade and many extremely happy returning customers. All appliances undergo an extensive service which must meet our extremely high standards and also undergo a bleach wash and are presented in the highest order to ensure your appliances is as close to new as it will ever be again. The prices are at a fraction of the price for the same models new on the high street. We also have new and graded appliances, which come with full manufacturers warranty and of course our usual service included.



We are very proud to give a new standard to the word re-conditioned as unlike most we put 110% effort and passion into each appliance to ensure you have the best buying experience we can offer to keep our outstanding reputation. We like to treat the customer as we would like to be treated ourselves.

There is many disposable models out there which don’t have a very long life span and once they develop a fault are beyond economic repair or the parts are extortionately priced to make them irreplaceable, many of which are provided by high street stores.

These unlike ours are cheap for a reason and are seen as a quick fix when replacing an appliance. Ours on the other hand are more mid to high end brands and models to what we consider more of an investment than a quick fix. As one of these disposable cheap high street models can set you back £209 on wards you could get a mid range Bosch model for £120 onwards from us. It’s a no brainer “But the cheap ones come with 12 monthes warranty” yes they do, but once that’s up its irrelevant. The reliability of better brands speaks for itself and once serviced and check by us to our standards then they are built to last way longer than any warranty period, and yes on rare occasions they fail sooner than expected but so does new unfortunately that’s just the nature of electronics.