From Washers To Cookers, Our Guide Can Help You Buy The Right Appliance

Buyers Guide

This guide is mainly to make sure you choose the right appliance for you to ensure your appliance last for as long as possible.

Normally there are 2 types of appliances on offer whether its new or used, a cheaper item or a real investment.

At J2k Appliances we do both and offer better brands and models at the same price as the cheaper disposable models out there. So we understand that your purchase is a investment and needs to be the right choice as this will most probably, be used by you for many years to come.



Choosing you brand is the starting step, most customers choose this on looks and price where there is a lot more to this decision. All our models are decent and reliable but to make it easier for our customer we split them in to three categories:

1 – Hotpoint, Indesit, Hoover, Candy, Beko.
2 – Bosch, Whirlpool. Zanussi, AEG
3- LG, Samsung, Siemens, Miele.



Probably the most important thing to get right, and where so many people go wrong. Capacity is a simple but important consideration, especially for washing machines. It’s simple the larger the family the larger the capacity. Unfortunately all machines are priced on specification one being capacity. So if you are a large family the cheapest washing machine is not ideal for you, as it is most likely to be smaller sized drums, such as 5 or 6 kg, which would result in the appliances breaking down a lot sooner than it should as smaller capacities are not built for excessive use and larger loads. As well as this resulting in machine failure, it can also void your warranty, as buying an appliance which does not meet your families needs and therefore results in a breakdown is classed as misuse. For full warranty information click here to view.(link to warranty info)

Please see our diagrams to ensure that you pick the right capacity drum for your family. Also remember that high capacity machines means less washing, reducing energy bills and environmental impact.

Whatever your circumstances we stock a huge range of appliances from 5kg load all the way up to 12kg. We even stock slim line models for those that are short on space.

For our full range of products click here


Spin Speed

Washing machines range from 1000 to 1600 revolutions per minute (RPM). Faster spin speeds extract more moisture, leaving clothes dryer when they come out of the machine. This is perfect if you have no where to hang out the laundry and are only using radiators or a clothes horse to dry. Also if you are using a tumble dryer straight after, it will reduce the drying time, and the cost as it will not be on for as long.
On the down side a higher spin can crease up the laundry more than a lower speed. So if you are not a fan of ironing then probably a 1200/1300 spin would be suitable.



Time save, daily wash, vario perfect, some of the mainly features to describe the quick wash feature. This is a very useful feature if you like your washing done in a hurry. Most of the brands we stock offer this feature, and some have more than one. Of all the brands this is Hoover/Candy’s strong area as some can have up to 4 quick wash programs starting at 14 minutes and some even doing a full final spin and not the normal 800 spin like most quick washes do.

Super Silent, Direct Drive, VRT, Eco Drive, Quiet Drive, Zen, as with the quick wash feature these are all different ways manufacturers describe the same thing in this case an induction motor. An induction motor makes the wash cycles extremely quiet with just the sound of water splashing while washing. Also an induction motor is more energy efficient which saves on electricity costs.

Weight Features – This is a feature which detects how heavy a load is by weighing it. This is quite useful as one of the main advantages of this is that it will adjust the water level to just the right amount needed, which as a result will be more efficient on water and also no wasted energy used to heat excess water.

Steam Functions – Are good for a couple of reasons. Firstly washing laundry on a steam cycle can help reduce creases, which makes for easier ironing, also some brands like the LG True Steam models, have a cycle which can reduce creases in 20 minutes.
The second advantage is that they can remove allergies, if you suffer with sensitive skin, or are easily irritated by types of allergies that can attach to clothes, then steam cycles can help remove these.