Warranty Returns

 All reconditioned items are covered by our three months warranty. 

(activated on the day of delivery or collection as recorded on the sales invoice)

If there is an issue with your machine within the warranty period the item is covered and we will either repair the item or do a like for like exchange. YOU MUST RETAIN YOUR RECIEPT AS PROOF OF PURCHASE FOR ANY WARRANTY WORK TO BE COMPLETED. ANY REPAIR MUST BE LOGGED TO US BY TELEPHONE ONLY VIA THE STORE NUMBER WITH THE ITEM ID NUMBER TO HAND LOCTATED INSIDE THE DOOR OF THE APPLIANCE.

Within 15 miles radius

If the item was delivered within the 15 miles there will be no refund only a repair or an exchange.

Outside the 15 miles

The item will need to be returned for a refund or exchange only. Any refund given will be for the item only no postage or fuel will be compensated for. However if a replacement is the choice of action then the exchange will be sent out free of charge and will be exchanged on delivery.

The warranty covers any fault which may have developed. There is an expectation that their will be a reasonable amount of wear and tear on the item, but if the use of the items seems to be excessive or if the item has been purposely misued then an exchange/repair/refund may not be offered, or may incur additional charges. Our experianced engineers will determine this.



The warranty does not cover:

Deliberate damage, accidental damage, cosmetic damage, dropping of item during transportation or installation, over loading/ misuse, damage to door seal, mouldy door seals, blocked pumps, items between the drums i.e. bra wires, coins, hair grips etc.

Exisiting household plumbing issues such as leaking water pipes, seized/leaking isolated taps, waste trap blocks.

Filter blockages, lack of cleaning to filters- Washers, Dryers, Washer Dryers & Dishwashers

Glass oven doors broken. 

There will be a call out fee of £60 if the issue with the machine is due to misuse, lack of maintenance or another fault which is due to user misuse, neglect or any other issue not covered under the warranty.  If the fee is refused any outstanding warranty period will be void. 

If you do experience any of the above still get in touch as we may be able to help, offer advice over the phone, or guide you through rectifying the issue. Please do not leave any issues as it is likely to only get worse, and may void your warranty.