Bosch Serie 4 8kg 1400 Spin EcoSilence Drive Washing Machine, Model – WAN28201

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Model: WAN28201

Wash Kg: 8kg

Spin: 1400

Colour: White

Warranty:  2 Years Warranty


Top features: 

– VarioPerfect for versatile washing with easy to use controls

– Quiet, energy efficient motor

– Practical features to save water and time

VarioPerfect for versatile washing

Offering practicality and convenience, the Serie 4 Washing Machine is designed to suit the needs of larger families with convenient and easy to use touch and dial controls. The large display lets you keep an eye on the progress of each program, the spin speed, load recommendation and even the time remaining.

Featuring a range of VarioPerfect wash options, you can tailor every load to ensure everything is washed just right. Choose between the SpeedPerfect or EcoPerfect functions and let your machine run washes quickly or more efficiently. These options can reduce your washing time by up to 65%, or lower energy consumption by up 50%. No matter which one you use, you can always expect the same great results.

Quiet and energy efficient

Bosch’s Eco Silence Drive motor uses magnets instead of brushes so there are fewer moving parts inside your washing machine and less wear and tear over time. This means the motor is incredibly quiet, reliable and fast. The WAN28201 also features improved sound insulation and shock absorbers to dampen sound even further so you’re never distracted by noise.

Rated A+++ for energy efficiency, the Bosch WAN28201 is built with the environment in mind. It uses 10% less energy than standard A-rated washing machines to save you even more money on your energy bills.

Practical features

Providing flexibility when washing, sensors in the machine assess and calculate how much water is needed for each load so that everything is always washed accurately without water being wasted.

If you want your clothes to be ready for the next morning but don’t want everything sitting for too long after the wash, time delay lets you postpone your washing by up to 24 hours so it’s ready when you need it to be.

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