Black Candy Smart 9kg 1400 Spin Washing Machine, Model – CVS1492D3B

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Model: CVS1492D3B

Wash Kg: 9kg

Spin: 1400

Colour: Black

Warranty:  1 Year Warranty


A large family would get their money’s worth when using the Candy CVS 1492D3B Washing Machine.The 9kg capacity of the stainless steel drum can fit in the laundry of a big household, an equivalent of 45 shirts at a time, without costing the earth in electricity bills.An energy efficiency rating of A+++ is the highest possible and equates to estimated annual use of 196 kWh, with just 0.98 kWh used per full load at 60 degrees.This is helped along by a KG detector, which uses built in sensors to weigh the contents and can adjust the settings to save on time, water and, most importantly, power.Items are still thoroughly cleaned, though, thanks to Candy’s 3D Dynamic wash system that really gets tough on stains.A higher level of water pressure combines with curved paddles and a raised dome to create the three-dimensional effect that moves garments carefully, but with purpose.At least four of the 16 programmes on this model can be completed in less than an hour, with the Daily 59 minute option and three Rapid Wash cycles of 14, 30 and 44 minutes.EcoMix operates at just 20 degrees and there are separate modes for delicates, wool and baby care, plus a hand wash cycle.Candy’s Smart Touch options can be accessed through the external control dial and touch digital display, which is illuminated by LED lighting.The Candy simply-Fi app is simple to download and can be paired with the machine, through a Smartphone and NFC (near field communication).This allows you to monitor, manage your tasks and perform regular maintenance checks, all by smartphone. This complements the manual controls.

Further benefits of the Candy CVS 1492D3B Washing Machine

  • A-classed for washing efficiency and spin class, so expect good results every time.
  • noise level of 61 decibels when washing and 79 decibels spinning isn’t too loud.
  • Temperature and spin speeds, which go up to 1400 rpm, can be adjusted manually.
  • Delay timer can hold a cycle for up to 24 hours, to end at such a time that suits you.
  • Easy Iron option gets clothes ready to wear quicker, handy for when you’re in a rush.

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