Indesit Innex 9kg 1400 Spin Washing Machine, Model – XWE91483



Model: XWE91483

Wash Kg: 9kg

Spin: 1400

Colour: White

Warranty: 6 Months Warranty or Upgrade To 12 Months Warranty For £39.99

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2 seconds, 1 press, 0 problems

One push of a button: that’s all it takes to turn your appliance on, set the programme and start the wash cycle. It’s just that simple.
  • Eco-friendly savings
  • Inverter Motor
  • Water Balance Plus
  • Your everyday saving.

    The 30° ECO Cycle provides the same performance and washing results of higher-temperature cycles, so you can enjoy fresh, clean laundry while saving money and helping the environment.

Push & Wash Technology

Turbo programming technology

One push of a button: that’s all it takes to turn your Innex washing machine on, set the programme and start the wash cycle. In 45 minutes, you’ll have spotlessly clean laundry.

Design Evolution

Pure Italian style

Reliable, sturdy, beautiful. Your Innex appliance delivers unparalleled ease-of-use, combined with eye-catching Italian design.


Simple and intuitive


Push&WashOne step to brilliant cleaning and stain removal in just 50 minutes, no pre-treatment needed.

Cotton 60The Cotton 60 programme provides great washing results for your cotton items at 60°.

Cotton 40The Cotton 40 programme is specifically designed to provide extra care for your cotton items while removing stains at 40°.

Water Balance PlusBy adapting the amount of water used according to the cycle’s need, there’s minimal wastage which helps save money on your bills.

Shoe SportA dedicated cycle that’s perfect for washing your sports shoe, removing odours and sweat whilst protecting your footwear’s shape.

SportThe Sport programme provides outstanding washing results for all your sportswear items.

Autoclean CycleProtect your washing machine and keep it in perfect condition with the Autoclean Cycle. No need for harsh chemicals, just one button to a spotless machine.

Gym KitThe Gym Kit cycle takes care of all your sportswear items, in one go. Just pop them in and let your Indesit washing machine work its magic.

Dark CycleThe Dark Cycle is a special programme designed to protect your black and dark items, so they don’t fade. Enjoy rich dark tones wash after wash after wash!

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Drum Capacity (Kg)

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