Whirlpool Fresh Care 7kg 1200 Spin Washing Machine, Model – FWL71253W

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Model: FWL71253W

Wash Kg: 7kg

Spin: 1200

Colour: White

Warranty:  2 Years Warranty


Technology / Features

Innovative technology and special features, that enhance washing results, maintain fabric quality, and assist you through automatic settings.



Keep laundry fresh, even hours after the cycle has finished.
Innovative Delicate steam and tumbling action takes care of your laundry inside the washing machine.[i].
The new FreshCare+ system gently massages the laundry with regular slow movements alternated with steam actions – letting air circulate inside the fibers to keep garments fresh and prevent bad odours. FreshCare+ treatment leaves truly fresher clothes and peace of mind – even hours after the end of the cycle.
[i] FreshCare+ treatment inhibits the proliferation of the main bad odour sources (inside the washing machine) up to 6 hours after the washing ends. Not compatible with programmes designed for delicate garments and duvets.


Spinning Efficiency

Drum rotations, or spins, per minute (rpm). The faster the washing machine spins, the drier the clothes when taken out of the Washing Machine.

1200 rpm

1200 RPM

Outstanding speed.
This Whirlpool Washing Machine features a 1200 rounds per minute spin speed.

Energy Rating

The Washing Machine’s energy rating. The higher the rating, the higher the energy-efficiency of the product.

Super Energy efficiency: A+++-20%


Unparalleled energy efficiency.
This Whirlpool Washing Machine features an outstanding A+++ energy rating, reducing energy consumption by 20%.


This Whirlpool Washing Machine offers 7kg drum capacity for your laundry.

Technical Specifications

This Whirlpool Washing Machine features: white A spacious 7kg capacity. A fast, resource-efficient 1200 revolutions per minute spin speed. The Colours 15 programme delivers the same impressive results at 15 degrees that you would otherwise expect from a 40 degree wash, Colours15 provides exceptional colour preservation at low temperatures. 30 minute quick wash.

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Spin Speed (Rpm)


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